What was Vine? Any Updates on V2?

It’s a story of the era when apps like Musically, Dubsmash were not even conceptualized there was an application called Vine which basically was the parent to today’s TikTok and Dubsmash.

Vine came to existence in 2013 with its iOS app and then after two months, it paved its way to the android device. Vine was all about sharing an extremely short video with the world and within one year it became the most downloaded free application from the iOS app store. After this tremendous success, it got launched on world wide web in May 2014 expanding its reign over the whole internet.

There were three co-founders of the company Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll which started the company in 2012.  It used to be a standalone company until Marvel Future Fight hack was bought by another social media company known as Twitter in October 2012. Sources say that the company paid $30,000,000 for this app as what better than buying out the competition just like Facebook did with Instagram.

Have you ever thought why it’s named vine? Some sources claim that  A source says it’s short for Vignette, which is defined as “a short impressionistic scene.” and this started a new culture in our internet history with many people using the app name as a generic name for short and funny videos.

The working of the app was quite easy. You can even shot a video with the app and even if it was a single pre-recorded clip or several smaller clips with cuts between them, Vine eventually introduced more advanced editing tools that enabled users to trim their clips and even add music from their music library that could play to match the song’s beat.

Vine stranded out that time because of its uniqueness and it was the strongest contender to the Instagram that time.

Vine offered a lot of categories for the video. The Explore tab was broken up into sections like TrendingComedy, and Art, which would show recently popular videos in those categories. One of the best features was “Spotlight” where some famous vine creator gets featured by showing the collection of their videos.

Another nice feature was “revine” where you can video from other users on their profile.

But since the competition started to do some better things which appealed a lot of youth vine was still stuck with its 6-second video strategy which is not a lot of time to tell your story and due to this Vine started to fade away in the competition.

In 2016, Vine got discontinued due to its tough competition which they failed to tackle and most of the popular “Viners” moved to platforms such as Youtube and Instagram to keep creating their content but Vine helped many people to start of their career as an internet star.

In December of 2017, not even a year after Vine was discontinued, Vine co-founder Dom Hoffman hinted the comeback of Vine (V2) suggesting that it’s in currently development and will hit the market in upcoming months.

What is the purpose of Instagram?

We all use social media apps daily and spend most of the day in just liking, sharing and commenting on some app but have you ever thought what is the purpose of that app. We know that Facebook started as an inter-college social network and about know lots of thing about twitter also. But, Instagram is a new kid on the block.

We just share some memes and any kind of pictures whole time and spend time in liking others photo but do we know the real purpose behind Instagram.

So let’s discuss a little about Instagram and just explore why it’s even there when we have other apps doing the same thing.

First of all, it’s a mobile application all about pictures and less about connecting. Basically, it’s somewhat a counterpart to Facebook and they both can co-exist in the same world until a point where both of them start to turn into each other.

Basically summing it up it’s a simplified version of Facebook with much more emphasis on visual sharing and mobile use and you’ll get to follow person instead of sending them a friend request but the other person should also be following you if you want to have a conversation (much like Twitter).

Instagram came in the market in 2000 basically as an iOS-only application and from that day till today it has made a lot of progress. From a common man to the world’s most influential people Instagram is their first choice nowadays to share any news or something.

We got to know what Instagram is and what’s the use of Instagram today but what’s was the real purpose behind building an app in a world where we already have the bunch of apps doing the same thing.

According to Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the app is all about making sharing moments much easier and a simplified process where you can directly click the photo from your phone and share it with your friends. So, the complete focus was on the mobility and keeping your experience clutter free but is that a case anymore.

Instagram Influencers

Nowadays I personally think Instagram is full of clutter ranging from some explicit content to tons of lame memes and how can we forget those ”Instagram Influencers” who are playing a great role in making us feel like we are nothing in this world.

Know we know for what purpose it came into existence but what’s the purpose of this application today. Speaking frankly, this app is all about marketing and influencing people which can be in a good manner and also in a bad manner which you have to figure out yourself. But, its also more than that in a positive way you also get a chance to showcase your talent to the whole world and also the best thing still is coming up you get to learn about new places, their cultures, their cuisine and also learn other things also. So, like everything it also got some good things and even bad things are there because anything too perfect is even not too good.

Lost in Likes, Followers, and Comments!

I think it’s very hard to find real purpose of anything when we don’t know the real purpose of our life and that’s the reason we are lost in the world of likes, followers and comments. But whatever it is, the one thing I know that the main purpose of Instagram is surely to waste our time without being acknowledging the fact.

Finally, summing it up I think the purpose of Instagram hacker is different for everyone for some people it’s a way to earn money for some it’s a platform to showcase their talent and earn applauds whereas for many of them it’s just a time killer. So, the best thing is you should give a try and think about what purpose does Instagram serves in your life.